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Boulder Retaining Walls‎

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Retaining walls are a very common landscaping element. The most common use for retaining walls is to make a change in the grade of a piece of land. Retaining walls are also used for aesthetic purposes - you’ll find many retaining walls freestanding. These are most often used as fences or as a decorative structure around a patio. A freestanding wall can help add privacy, act as a barrier between separate areas, and even function as seating.

At Precision Grading, we have years of experience installing retaining walls of a variety of sizes and materials throughout the Hendersonville, NC, area. We specialize, however, in boulder, poured, and block retaining walls and slabs. Whether your space is residential or commercial, a boulder retaining wall can add style and function to any landscape. Stone lasts forever, and it is a relatively inexpensive way of addressing a variety of landscape issues.

Today, boulder retaining walls are very common in both residential and commercial sites to level slopes. More often than not, there are various grades throughout any given property. These grade changes can leave you with an uneven, sloping landscape susceptible to erosion, a property that is difficult to landscape, or even make parts of the property unstable.

Boulder retaining walls are one of our most popular services, especially among those who are garden enthusiasts. Retaining walls can be a fun, expressive way to display your personality and love of nature. They can frame a garden or add a touch of whimsy to an arboretum when combined with pond and water features.

Precision Grading’s boulder retaining walls will create a naturalistic retaining wall bluff-line. Our contractors will keep your personal or professional planting requirements in mind. Retaining walls should add to your landscape, not dictate what and where you can expand your garden! These are one of the many considerations we keep in mind when installing our boulder retaining walls.

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